NOT Just Another Moon or Seize Nock

Good string-to-nock engagement is vital for dependable, correct shooting outcomes and for the good extended-expression performing of your crossbow.  When bow assemblies were being broader, the string angle was huge ample that the string serving would continue to be in call with the centre of the nock’s string channel as the arrow travelled down the flight rail.  Having said that, as bow assemblies have narrowed, the shapes of moon and capture nocks are no lengthier best.  In reality, applying just one of these vintage nock forms in a contemporary, slender, substantial-overall performance crossbow can lead to serious issues.  In some situations, the bowstring can shoot underneath or more than the nock, ensuing in a simulated dry-hearth party (even if your crossbow has a Dry Fireplace Inhibitor mechanism), or the nock can prematurely don the middle serving of the bowstring, at some point triggering the serving to fall short and demanding you to have the string replaced. 

The Alpha-Nock’s shape was designed exclusively to triumph over these road blocks presented by moon and seize nocks.  Its deep string channel raises string-to-nock engagement and retains the bowstring in place all through the shot which helps prevent the string from taking pictures underneath or more than the nock.  It also has a substantial, clean radius base that increases string-to-nock engagement and lets the string to contour around the sides of the nock with out pinching or producing premature use to the string’s centre serving.  Furthermore, the exclusive condition will allow for the string to be caught by the elongated “ears” and directed into the bowstring channel, even if the nock is loaded with no currently being thoroughly indexed to the cock vane.  Moon and capture nocks do not have this style and are unable to boast this function.  The best gain of the new Alpha-Nock style is that it yields steady arrow start and straighter nock journey which in the long run translates into increased down-variety accuracy. 

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